Federal campaign contributions

Publisher: Federal Election Commission Start Date: 2007 End Date: 2020 Record Count: 521,603,743

Collection: Money in politics
Description: This is an export of Schedule A (campaign finance) of all of the raw reports released as .fec files by the Federal Election Commission for 2007-2020. Senate filings have been converted from paper and contain occasional errors. Form F132, inaugural contributions, are also included in the campaign finance search. The data is as of reports released through Jan 30, 2020.


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Additional Notes:

This is a different dataset than what the FEC makes available through it's bulk downloads. This data includes all earmarked contributions, even those that aggregate to less than the federal disclosure threshold (but that are reported by a political filer). This data also includes the street addresses contained in the original records.

Because earmarked contributions are formally reported twice, it is normal to see earmarked contributions appearing in two locations--once from the original fundraiser (such as ActBlue, where the ultimate recipient is disclosed in the memo_text_description), and a second time from the receiving group (who will often note that the contribution was earmarked in their memo_text_description field, but not always).

This data comes from reading the original .fec records (using fecfile) for all Itemized schedule A receipts. For more details, read about it on github.