Change Log

This page records the latest updates and additions.

2/13/24: Added MT parcels

2/13/24: Updated MO voters

2/13/24: Updated TX lobbyists

2/13/24: Updated TN expenditures

11/21/23: Updated NY lobbyists

11/21/23: Updated Connecticut political contributions

11/21/23: Updated Nebraska political contributions

11/21/23: Updated Wyoming lobbyists

11/21/23: Updated Idaho lobbyists

11/21/23: Updated Indiana lobbying expenditures

11/21/23: Updated Nebraska lobbying

11/21/23: Updated Tennessee political contributions

11/21/23: Updated Alabama lobbying

9/20/23: Updated nonprofit revocations

9/20/23: Updated nonprofit directors from form 1023EZ

9/20/23: Updated 527 directors

9/20/23: Updated nonprofit masterfile

9/5/23: Updated AK voters

9/5/23: Updated NE expenditures

9/5/23: Updated NE contributions

9/5/23: Updated PA lobbyists

9/5/23: Updated WI contributions

9/5/23: Updated WY lobbyists

9/5/23: Updated nonprofit director/employee pay

9/5/23: Updated nonprofit grants

9/5/23: Updated nonprofit contractors

6/8/23: Updated AK Businesses

6/8/23: Updated AK Agents

6/8/23: Updated GA Lobbyists

6/8/23: Updated MD contributions

6/8/23: Updated PA contributions

6/8/23: Updated PA expenditures

6/8/23: Updated CA lobbyists

6/8/23: Updated CT Lobbying compensation

6/8/23: Updated GA Lobbying expenditures

6/8/23: Updated HI contributions

6/8/23: Updated KY contributions

6/8/23: Updated NH expenditures

6/8/23: Updated TX expenditures

6/8/23: Updated WI expenditures

6/8/23: Updated VT expenditures

6/8/23: Updated WA expenditures

6/8/23: Updated WA contributions

6/8/23: Updated UT contributions

6/8/23: Updated TX contributions

5/18/23: Updated CT licenses

5/18/23: Updated CT lobbyists

5/18/23: Updated DC businesses

5/18/23: Updated AZ licenses

5/18/23: Updated CT licenses

5/18/23: Updated CT lobbyists

5/18/23: Updated DC businesses

4/30/23: Updated CA lobbying

4/30/23: Updated SC contributions

4/30/23: Updated SC expenditures

4/30/23: Updated MI contributions

4/30/23: Updated WY contributions

4/30/23: Updated Virginia contributions

4/30/23: Updated MI lobbying

4/30/23: Updated IL expenditures

4/30/23: Updated WV contributions

4/30/23: Updated MI lobbying expenditures

4/30/23: Updated IL contributions

4/30/23: Updated FlorIda contributions

4/30/23: Updated OH contributions

4/30/23: Updated OH expenditures

4/11/23: Updated WY expenditures

4/11/23: Updated WV expenditures

4/11/23: Updated AK contributions

4/11/23: Updated VA expenditures

4/11/23: Updated MO expenditures

4/11/23: Updated MS voters

4/11/23: Updated MN expenditures

4/11/23: Updated MN contributions

4/11/23: Updated VT expenditures

4/11/23: Updated LA expenditures

4/11/23: Updated DE expenditures

4/11/23: Updated DE lobbying

4/11/23: Updated NC lobbying

4/11/23: Updated IA lobbying

4/11/23: Updated MS lobbying

4/11/23: Updated CO lobbyists

4/11/23: Updated CO lobbying expenditures

4/11/23: Updated RI expenditures

3/22/23: Added AL contributions

3/22/23: Added AL expenditures

3/22/23: Added MS expenditures

3/22/23: Added AK Lobbyists

3/22/23: Added MN contributions

3/21/23: Added MS contributions

3/20/23: Added Vermont expenditures

3/20/23: Added FAA aircraft

3/20/23: Added FAA Pilots

2/24/23: Added Michigan contracts

2/24/23: Added Washington contracts

2/21/23: Added Vermont contracts

2/21/23: Added KY Contracts

2/21/23: Added Chicago contracts

2/21/23: Added Chicago salaries

2/21/23: Updated AK Expenditures

2/21/23: Updated GA Contributions

2/21/23: Updated NC Expenditures

2/21/23: Updated NC Contributions

2/21/23: Updated CO Contributions

2/21/23: Updated RI Contributions

2/21/23: Updated AL contracts

2/21/23: Updated Hawaii Expenditures

2/21/23: Updated DE Contributions

2/21/23: Updated IN Contributions

2/21/23: Updated IA Expenditures

2/21/23: Updated MO Contributions

2/21/23: Updated MI Expenditures

2/21/23: Updated WA Expenditures

2/21/23: Updated VT contributions

2/21/23: Updated Oregon salaries

2/21/23: Updated Federal Prime Grants

2/21/23: Updated Federal Sub-Grants

2/21/23: Updated Federal Prime Contracts

2/21/23: Updated Federal Sub-Contracts

2/21/23: Updated Federal lobbying affiliates

2/21/23: Updated Federal lobbying clients

2/21/23: Updated Federal lobbying foreign entities

2/21/23: Updated Federal lobbyist convictions

2/21/23: Updated Federal lobbyist work

2/21/23: Updated Arkansas contracts

2/21/23: Updated Tennessee contracts

2/21/23: Updated DC contracts and procurement

2/21/23: Updated New York State Contracts

2/21/23: Updated Louisiana Contracts

2/21/23: Updated Vermont contributions

11/22/22: Updated Georgia Expenditures

11/22/22: Updated Alaska Expenditures

6/30/22: Added Missouri Licenses

6/30/22: Added Alaska Licenses

6/30/22: Added Alaska Corporations

6/30/22: Added Alaska Businesses

6/30/22: Added Alaska Agents

6/30/22: Added Arizona Licenses

6/13/22: Added Texas Licenses

6/13/22: Added DC Licenses

6/13/22: Added Massachusetts Licenses

6/13/22: Added Illinois Licenses

6/13/22: Added New York Attorneys

6/13/22: Updated Rhode Island Campaign Contributions

5/11/22: Added Connecticut Tax Liens

5/11/22: Added Connecticut Business Licenses

5/11/22: Added Connecticut Licenses

5/11/22: Added Alabama Contracts

5/11/22: Added Minnesota Contracts

4/14/22: Added SEC Broker-Dealer list.

4/14/22: Updated Kansas political contributions

4/14/22: Added Kansas political expenditures

4/14/22: Added Oklahoma political expenditures

4/14/22: Updated Florida parcels

4/14/22: Updated North Dakota political contributions

4/14/22: Updated Idaho expenditures

4/14/22: Updated Nebraska political expenditures

4/14/22: Added Nebraska political expenditures

4/14/22: Updated 4 different federal lobbying lists: clients, foreign clients, lobbyists and firms

4/14/22: Updated US contracts, subcontracts, grants and subgrants

3/16/22: Added sanctions list.

3/16/22: Added Georgia state campaign expenditures.

3/2/22: Added Russia sanctions exemptions list (aka "licenses" from U.S. Treasury's office of Foreign Assets Control.

3/2/22: Added South Caroline campaign finance contributions.

3/2/22: Added South Caroline campaign finance expenditures.

2/22/22: Added federal employee status, updated DC campaign expenditures

1/19/22: Updated nonprofit grants, contractors and directors/best paid employees

1/19/22: Updated Tennessee campaign finance

11/30/21: Added U.S. Lobbying registrations: client-firm

11/30/21: Added U.S. Lobbying registrations: client-affilliate

11/30/21: Added U.S. Lobbying registrations: convictions

11/30/21: Added U.S. Lobbying registrations: firm-lobbyist

11/30/21: Added U.S. Lobbying registrations: foreign entities

11/22/21: Added Nevada campaign expenditures

11/22/21: Added Arizona campaign expenditures

11/22/21: Updated Minnesota campaign expenditures

11/22/21: Updated federal spending

11/1/21: Updated Nevada campaign contributions

10/21/21: Added Vermont parcels

10/21/21: Updated Wisconsin state campaign expenditures

10/21/21: Updated Wyoming state campaign expenditures

10/11/21: Added West Virginia campaign contributions

10/11/21: Updated Louisiana campaign contributions

10/11/21: Updated Hawaii campaign contributions

9/27/21: Updated New Hampshire campaign contributions

9/27/21: Updated New Hampshire campaign contributions

9/27/21: Updated Vermont campaign contributions

9/27/21: Added New Jersey campaign contributions

9/27/21: Added Washington State campaign contributions

9/20/21: Updated Illinois campaign contributions

9/20/21: Updated Texas campaign contributions

9/20/21: Added Oklahoma campaign contributions

9/20/21: Added Puerto Rico campaign contributions

9/6/21: Updated Federal contracts & sub-contracts.

9/6/21: Updated Federal grants & sub-grants.

9/6/21: Updated New York political contributions & expenditures.

9/6/21: Updated New Mexico political contributions & expenditures.

9/6/21: Updated Tennessee political contributions.

9/6/21: Added Mississippi political contributions.

6/28/21: Added Alabama lobbyists.

6/28/21: Added Alaska lobbyists.

6/28/21: Added Arkansas campaign expenditures.

6/28/21: Added California lobbyists.

6/28/21: Added Connecticut campaign expenditures.

6/28/21: Added Connecticut salary data.

6/28/21: Added DC campaign contributions.

6/28/21: Added Delaware lobbyists.

6/28/21: Added Delaware expenditures.

6/28/21: Added Georgia Lobbying Expenditures.

6/28/21: Added Health center supplemental funding.

6/28/21: Added Illinois expenditures.

6/28/21: Added Illinois Lobbyists.

6/28/21: Added Iowa Lobbying Registration.

6/28/21: Added Iowa salary data.

6/28/21: Added Kentucky campaign contributions.

6/28/21: Added Louisiana campaign contributions.

6/28/21: Added Louisiana Lobbying Expenditures.

6/28/21: Added Louisiana Lobbyists.

6/28/21: Added Maine Lobbyist Expenditures.

6/28/21: Added Maine Lobbyists.

6/28/21: Added Michigan lobbyists.

6/28/21: Added Minnesota lobbyists.

6/28/21: Added Missouri lobbying expenditures.

6/28/21: Added Missouri lobbyists.

6/28/21: Added Nebraska lobbyists.

6/28/21: Added New Jersey salary data.

6/28/21: Added New York City DHMH salaries.

6/28/21: Added New York Lobbying Expenditures.

6/28/21: Added North Carolina Lobbyists.

6/28/21: Added North Carolina Salaries.

6/28/21: Added North Dakota contracts.

6/28/21: Added North Dakota Lobbying Registration.

6/28/21: Added North Dakota salaries.

6/28/21: Added Ohio lobbyists.

6/28/21: Added Ohio Voters.

6/28/21: Added Oklahoma salaries.

6/28/21: Added Portland OR employees.

6/28/21: Added OR lottery contracts.

6/28/21: Added OR judicial contracts.

6/28/21: Added OR contracts expired.

6/28/21: Added OR contracts current.

6/28/21: Added OR transportation contracts

6/28/21: Added Pennsylvania lobbyists.

6/28/21: Added South Dakota Lobbying Registration.

6/28/21: Added Texas Vendors.

6/28/21: Added Utah Contracts.

6/28/21: Added Vermont contracts.

6/28/21: Added Vermont voters.

6/28/21: Added West Virginia Contracts.

6/17/21: Updated federal assistance datasets to contractors/subcontractors/grantees/subgrantees.

6/17/21: Added Philadelphia employees.

5/28/21: Added VT Contracts

5/28/21: Added WY Contracts

5/28/21: Added US HRSA data as COVID Hospital Supplement

5/28/21: Added IL lobbying registrations

5/28/21: Added WI lobbying registrations

5/28/21: Added WI lobbying expenditures

5/28/21: Added WI organizational lobbying expenditures

5/28/21: Added LA lobbying registrations

5/28/21: Added RI state salaries

5/28/21: Added AR state salaries

5/28/21: Added SD lobbyist registrations

5/28/21: Added WY state salaries

5/28/21: Added Iowa lobbyist registration

5/28/21: Added NC lobbyist registration

5/28/21: Updated FAA pilots

5/4/21: Updated U.S. grants and contracts to subrecipients

5/4/21: Updated U.S. grants and contracts to prime recipients

5/3/21: WY salaries

4/1/21: Updated OK, WA voters.

2/15/21: Updated FEC.

2/5/21: U.S. Plum Book for Dec. 2020.

2/5/21: OH contracts.

1/30/21: Campaign contributions for IA, ME, PA,MA.

1/28/21: Updated campaign contributions for MD, AL, MI and MO.

1/25/21: Updated voters for CT, FL, WA, DC NC and NJ.

1/28/21: Updated campaign contributions for AZ, MN and AK.

1/13/21: Updated 527 organization contributions, expenditures and directors.

1/12/21: Updated AR and NC campaign contributions.

1/4/21: Updated Alabama campaign contributions.

12/1/20: Updated PPP data with full listing of recipients.

11/27/20: Updated Missouri campaign contributions; added West Virginia Contracts.

11/10/20: Updated Pennsylvania campaign contributions with latest data.

11/3/20: Iowa, Maine, and Massachusetts contributions

10/12/20: Updated Georgia contributions.

9/25/20: Added closed OSHA covid complaints; political expenditures for CA, UT; MS; updated OH contributions and expenditures; added ND contracts; updated US contracts and assistance and OH salaries and FL political contributions.

8/6/20: Added lobbying records for IL and VA; campaign finance expenditures for NY, TX, MD and LA; Contracts for TN and KS; state stimulus for IA and WY; and federal disaster loans. Updated FAA aircraft to 2020 and added links to flight tracks from ADSB-exchange.

7/16/20: Updated FEC data through July 9, 2020.

7/10/20: Added parcels for Travis Co., TX; Marion Co. OR; McHenry Co. IL.

7/7/20: Added federal paycheck protection program (PPP) loans which may be convertible to grants; NJ lobbying expenditures and parcels for Dallas County TX.

6/29/20: Added parcels for West Virginia and Trumbull County Ohio; NJ lobbying; OR adult care facilities and ownership.

6/23/20: Added contracts from: AR, DC, HI, LA, NY, RI, WA and New York City. Added Louisiana state employees and parcel ownership in Alexandria, VA.

6/9/20: Added CARES act funding and 1033 equipment transfers.

5/27/20: Added public salaries for MN, NV, PA and VT as well as New York City, Montgomery Co., MD and Bloomington, IN; Lobbying records for NY, and lobbying registrations for WV, UT and MS.

4/27/20: Added state salary data for AK, CA, ID, ME, MI, MT, NH, SC and lobbying registration for NH and RI.

4/21/20: Added federal financial assistance (which includes HHS datasets added 3/23, those have been removed). Added CO lobbying expenditures and registration, CT lobbying expenditures and registrations, NY state salaries and NY lobbying, SC lobbying expenditures, IN lobbying, and salaries for AZ, IL, KY, MA and MS, .

4/3/20: Added federal contracts.

3/23/20: Added the "federal spending" category and HHS contracts and HHS assistance.

3/19/20: Added the "medical facilities" category and hospital capacity, nursing home inspection, ownership and infection control issues.

3/6/20: Added PA campaign contributions; NY lobbing, and public employee salaries for OR, TX, NE, WY, Baltimore MD, the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs and the NY dept. of Health. Added campaign expenditures for PA, WA and NC.

3/1/20: Added MA, MN, NH, NM, TN campaign expenditures, added NY Conservation salaries.

12/10/19: Added NJ voters; updated nonprofit directors, grants and contractors, added links.

12/2/19: Added state-level political expenditures from AL, AK, DC, FL, OH, HI, IA, IN, MO, ME, MI, MN, RI, VT, WI, WV, WY; voters for AZ; businesses from DE; public employees for MO, RI, the City of Minneapolis, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the NY Health Department.

7/16/19: Added VA campaign expenditures; parcels for states of NC and MA; parcels for the Twin Cities 7-county area, and for Wayne County, MI (where Detroit is located). Also added NC state employees h/t Tyler Dukes.

7/11/19: Added voter registrations for OK, WA; campaign finance data for NH, NV and VA; parcels for all of AR and for the Ohio counties of Cuyahoga (includes Cleveland), Ottawa and Stark.

6/30/19: Added voter registrations for CT, CO and MI; campaign finance data for California.

6/26/19: Added voter registrations for FL, OH, NC, UT and OR; Parcel data for Harris and Tarrant counties in Texas; nonprofit contractors.