New Hampshire lobbyists

Publisher: New Hampshire Secretary of State Start Date: 2018 End Date: 2019 Record Count: 1,100

Collection: Lobbying
Description: The lobbying registration data of New Hampshire is obtained by a class of Computer-Assisted-Reporting students at the Missouri School of Journalism supervised by Prof. David Herzog. The class contributed to sourcing data for the Accountability Project by direct download or public records request. The data is as current as of September 2019.


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Additional Notes: Based on the addresses, IRW staff determined that EMPLOYER is the name of firms by which lobbyists were directly employed, such as lobbying firms or, and CSZ (which presumably stands for CITY, STATE, and ZIPCODE) are related to these employers. On the other hand, FIRM and FIRM_CSZ indicate information related to the clients, i.e. who the lobbyists lobbied for.